The Verdict

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An ordinary quarrel between teenagers spills over into a parent chat and leads to a serious conflict. At this time, in the hospital, the girl asks for an urgent operation, but the doctor, in fear of breaking the law, does not dare to perform it until midnight, when the girl becomes an adult. Somewhere in one of the apartments a frank story unfolds about a man who, secretly from his wife, begins to flirt with a seductive neighbor. In a neighboring house, a young guy borrows a lot of money from a businessman to play on the difference in exchange rates, but on this particular day the dollar exchange rate goes crazy. And the crazy old man, meanwhile, goes to another city to meet with the killer of his son, so that he will answer for everything. All of them are faced with the question of choosing and making difficult decisions on which their lives depend.


Length 1h 36m
Year 2023
Language Russian
Rating Unknown
  • Drama
  • Comedy