Lucky Cisco Kid

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Cisco and Gordito arrive to find there is an outlaw operating in the area who is assumed to be the Cisco Kid. When a reward is offered for his capture and a large shipment of money goes out, Cisco is on hand. Seeing the gang rob the stage he goes after them only to be wounded. The gang leader leaves Cisco's handkerchief at the scene and now he is wanted for the murder he tried to break up.

Lucky Cisco Kid

Length 1h 7m
Year 1940
Language English
Rating NR
  • Western


Cesar Romero
Cesar Romero The Cisco Kid
Mary Beth Hughes
Mary Beth Hughes Lola
Dana Andrews
Dana Andrews Sergeant Dunn
Evelyn Venable
Evelyn Venable Emily Lawrence
Chris-Pin Martin
Chris-Pin Martin Gordito
Willard Robertson
Willard Robertson Judge McQuade
Joe Sawyer
Joe Sawyer Bill Stevens
Johnny Sheffield
Johnny Sheffield Tommy Lawrence
William Royle
William Royle Sheriff
Francis Ford
Francis Ford Court Clerk
Otto Hoffman
Otto Hoffman Storekeeper Ed Stoke
Dick Rich
Dick Rich Stagecoach Driver Tex
Spencer Charters
Spencer Charters Hotel Guest
Jimmie Dundee
Jimmie Dundee Stagecoach Passenger
Sarah Edwards
Sarah Edwards Spinster
Thornton Edwards
Thornton Edwards Ranch Foreman
Frank Ellis
Frank Ellis Henchman
James Flavin
James Flavin Ranch Foreman
Olin Francis
Olin Francis Henchman
Herman Hack
Herman Hack Posse Rider
Neal Hart
Neal Hart Townsman
Bob Hoffman
Bob Hoffman Soldier
Ray Jones
Ray Jones Barfly
Sid Jordan
Sid Jordan Minor Role
Lew Kelly
Lew Kelly Station Agent
Milton Kibbee
Milton Kibbee Wells Fargo Man
Frank Lackteen
Frank Lackteen Murdered Bandit
Ethan Laidlaw
Ethan Laidlaw Henchman
James Pier Mason
James Pier Mason Barfly
Jack Montgomery
Jack Montgomery Barfly
Boyd 'Red' Morgan
Boyd 'Red' Morgan Soldier
Adrian Morris
Adrian Morris Smoketree Charlie
Herman Nowlin
Herman Nowlin Posse Rider
Pat O'Malley
Pat O'Malley Minor Role
William Pagan
William Pagan Stagecoach Passenger (uncredited)
Henry Roquemore
Henry Roquemore Diamond (uncredited)
Gloria Roy
Gloria Roy Dance Hall Girl (uncredited)
Syd Saylor
Syd Saylor Hotel Clerk (uncredited)
Harry Strang
Harry Strang Corporal (uncredited)
Charles Tannen
Charles Tannen Minor Role (uncredited)
Blackie Whiteford
Blackie Whiteford Spike (uncredited)
Lillian Yarbo
Lillian Yarbo Queenie (uncredited)