The Paragon

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What is The Paragon? It’s a question that Dutch is about to find out the answer to in this microbudget fantasy-comedy set in an Auckland that has become the battleground of powerful psychics. An everyday schmo, Dutch is special in approximately one way—he’s died recently. The victim of a hit and run, he was technically not of-the-living for about six seconds before he was resuscitated. Now, seriously injured after the accident and needing a crutch to walk, the one-time tennis instructor is out for revenge, and seeks the help of mysterious psychic Lyrato teach him how to use telekinesis to find the person who hit him. Turns out, it’s the fact that Dutch has died that gives him access to an immense power—and draws him into a reality-bending battle with Lyra’s brother Haxan, who seeks to use a mysterious device known as The Paragon to take over the world.

The Paragon

Length 1h 25m
Year 2023
Language English
Rating Unknown
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy