Spy In Love

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Putra and Yasmin are planning to get married in a romantic place. Putra invites his grandfather, Ray, as a witness. Yasmin invites her mother, Fazira. But, mutual suspicions ruin their happy day. Fazira rejects the law from Indonesia, while Ray does not agree that his grandson does not marry an Indonesian girl. Ray, a retired intelligence, is present at the wedding is not without cause. Ray is investigating the alleged disappearance of the Malaysian plane that was hijacked. Ray finds a bright spot of an international criminal conspiracy. But Ray does not realize that his job ruins the wedding plan. Men and Yasmin. Ray even drags them into the vortex of the problem. Their lives are at stake.

Spy In Love

Length 1h 34m
Year 2016
Language Indonesian
Rating Unknown
  • Comedy
  • Action & Adventure
  • Drama