Flower Angel

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In 1985, ZIV International licensed their rights to Harmony Gold, who prepared a feature-film length condensation of the Hana no Ko Lunlun 1979 Magical Girl Anime with a new dub track and music score by Mark Mercury, under the name The Bullets, differing the previous ZIV dub from 1980. The characters were renamed, this time to Angel (Lunlun), Lily (Cateau), Periwinkle (Nuveau), Princess Wysteria (Togenishia), Ragweed (Yabouki) and Stefan (Serge Flora). The episodes that were featured in the film were episodes 1, 7, 24, 29, 49 and 50. The 37th episode was also covered, but it was only the intro to coincide with the beginning events of the 49th episode. This film was not released in America, but received multiple VHS releases in the UK.

Flower Angel

Length 1h 34m
Year 1987
Language English
Rating Unknown
  • Animation
  • Family
  • Fantasy