The Raid of the Aegean

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Captain Alexis Komninos manages to escape from the Germans, with the help of the abbot Prudence arrives in Middle East headquarters in Cairo. Assumes office and connected to the beautiful Maria, from which does not hide that he is married. Meanwhile, his wife Anna and Synesios captured by the Germans on charges that reported in Cairo information for the departure of a German convoy. Komninos, along with a team of commandos, landed in occupied Greece and liberate the imprisoned patriots apart from the Synesius already performed. But while trying to escape, Anna was fatally injured. After the war, Komninos apologizes by Governor Raidis whom he considers lover of his wife, and with Mary, visited the grave of Anna.

The Raid of the Aegean

Length 1h 10m
Year 1946
Language Greek, Modern (1453-)
Rating Unknown
  • War