Boris Godunov

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Praised for its fine photography and production design if not its narrative, Sergei Bondarchuk directed this adaptation of the tale by Alexander Pushkin. Boris Godunov came to the Czarist throne at the end of the 16th century, after the original heir to Ivan the Terrible had died. At first, things went well for Godunov (played by Bondarchuk), but when the Russian people began to believe he had killed Ivan the Terrible's son in order to gain the throne, an alliance sprang up against the new Czar. Events continued to spin out of control as a young monk was presented as the son Godunov had supposedly killed. Now he was openly accused of failing an assassination attempt, which seems to be even worse than succeeding. In addition to these woes, Boris Godunov began to suffer serious health problems. So much for the joys of kingship.

Boris Godunov

Length 2h 10m
Year 1986
Language Russian
Rating Unknown
  • Drama
  • History


Sergey Bondarchuk
Sergey Bondarchuk Boris Godunov
Alena Bondarchuk
Alena Bondarchuk Tsarevna Kseniya
Georgi Burkov
Georgi Burkov Varlaam
Irina Skobtseva
Irina Skobtseva Khozyaika Korchmi
Valeriy Storozhik
Valeriy Storozhik Kurbski
Boris Khimichev
Boris Khimichev Mosalski
Yuriy Sherstnyov
Yuriy Sherstnyov Karela
Vladimir Ferapontov
Vladimir Ferapontov Khrushchov
Ivan Lapikov
Ivan Lapikov Starik
Anatoli Romashin
Anatoli Romashin Vasili Shuisky
Anatoli Vasilyev
Anatoli Vasilyev Petr Basmanov
Evgeniy Samoylov
Evgeniy Samoylov Pimen
Roman Filippov
Roman Filippov Patriarch
Fyodor Bondarchuk
Fyodor Bondarchuk Tsarevitch Fyodor
Vasili Funtikov
Vasili Funtikov gorozhanin na kryshe sobora
Alexandr Tolubaev
Alexandr Tolubaev
Viktor Yakovlev
Viktor Yakovlev Vasily Shchelkanov
Kira Golovko
Kira Golovko Mamka Kseni
Gennadi Mitrofanov
Gennadi Mitrofanov Yurodivi
Yuri Lazarev
Yuri Lazarev Gavrila Pushkin
Vladimir Sedov
Vladimir Sedov Afanasi Pushkin
Vadim Aleksandrov
Vadim Aleksandrov Misael
Lyudmila Korshakova
Lyudmila Korshakova Tsaritsa Mariya
Khenek Makhalitsa
Khenek Makhalitsa Yuri Mnishek
Olgerd Lukashevich
Olgerd Lukashevich Nikolai Chernikovski
Marian Dziędziel
Marian Dziędziel Adam Vishnyevetski
Vladimir Novikov
Vladimir Novikov Semyon Godunov
Oleg Mikhajlov
Oleg Mikhajlov Fyodor Mstislavski
Aleksandr Titorenko
Aleksandr Titorenko Marzheret
Norbert Kuchinke
Norbert Kuchinke Walter Rosen
Viktor Smirnov
Viktor Smirnov Rozhnov
Yura Matyukhin
Yura Matyukhin Tsarevitch Dimitri
Valeriy Sheptekita
Valeriy Sheptekita Father Superior of Chudov Monastery
Galina Dyomina
Galina Dyomina Old Woman
Nikolay Yerofeyev
Nikolay Yerofeyev First policeman
Aleksandr Sayko
Aleksandr Sayko Second policeman
Władysław Komar
Władysław Komar Sobansky
Volodya Latnik
Volodya Latnik Boy in Shuisky's house
Aleksandr Solovyov
Aleksandr Solovyov Grigori Otrepyev
Adrianna Biedrzyńska
Adrianna Biedrzyńska Marina Mnishek
Vyacheslav Butenko
Vyacheslav Butenko Ivan Vorotynski
Olegar Fedoro
Olegar Fedoro Polish horseman
Mikhail Dranovskiy
Mikhail Dranovskiy Boyarin
Aleksandr Kuritsyn
Aleksandr Kuritsyn
Vladislav Bush
Vladislav Bush The Boyar
Viktor Tsymbal
Viktor Tsymbal Boyarin