The Crowded Hour

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Telephone operator Peggy, puts on an act with Matt Wilde at a Bowery amateur night and is seen by Billy Laidlaw, who becomes convinced of her talents. Billy subsequently arranges for the Broadway debut of the act and falls in love with Peggy, who wholeheartedly returns his affection. When the World War breaks out, Billy remains unconcerned until his younger brother is killed in action. Billy then immediately enlists and is sent to France; Peggy joins the Red Cross to be with him, and Grace Laidlaw, Billy's wife, also goes to France, working with the Y. M. C. A. Billy is assigned to destroy an ammunition dump, and Peggy learns, after he has left on the mission, that he has been recalled.

The Crowded Hour

Year 1925
Language English
Rating NR
  • Drama